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Date Rank exhibition Class City, country Expert Result Description
10 декабря 2011 CACIB Kiev, Denmark Freddie Klindrup CAC, Res.CACIB closed the title Champion of Ukraine
Good size, very feminine, with a good expression of the head, well set on ears, excellent neck, body, excellent bone, good angles, good coat, good temperament
9 декабря 2011 CACIB Kiev, Latvia Beata Petkevich 1st excellent, CAC, CACIB
Feminine, good bone, a good stop, good pigment and eyes, medium length strong neck, excellent body, mild corners, good coat, saturated color, motions are productive
8 июля 2011 World Championship juniors Paris, UK Irving excellent
7 мая 2011 CACIB juniors Lvov, Italy Guido Vandoni 1st excellent, J CAC
Junior Champion of Ukraine
6 мая 2011 CACIB juniors Lvov, Belarus A. Zhuk 1st excellent, JCAC, Best Junior
16 апреля 2011 CACIB Kiev, Ukraine N. Nekroshene 1 excellent, JCAC
Pedigree, good bone, excellent head and expression, good neck, correct topline, good for the age of chest, good shoulder, good angles of the hind limbs, the hair is normal, sweeping motion, the tail is normally
15 апреля 2011 CACIB juniors Kiev, Ukraine Natalie Sedyh 4 excellent
14 апреля 2011 National Championship of English pastoral juniors Kiev, Ukraine Tatiana Shiyan 2 excellent
Pedigree, strong and in good physical shape, harmoniously composed, head right lines and proportions, building a strong, broad, deep, good angles front and rear limbs, free, productive movement, excellent temperament