Corgi Specialty Show in Kursk, Russia

It was the third time for us to visit this traditional corgi specialty. And every time we can't stop being admired with a warm friendly atmosphere and high quality judgement that make this show very prestigious and at the same time very relaxing to participate. From our side we also try to amuse corgi people by some tricks we have been planning for almost a year. Last year it was our national costumes. This year we went even further - we arrived at the show in a corgimobile and for our Tilly and Archer it was a debut .

Here are our results :


Apart from a nice head and general outline Mrs. Davies stressed on his dispropirtion. We think he is growing now and entered the period of clumsiness. Never mind the results, Archer was very pleased by himself.






PEMCADER BRING ON CYZARINE - puppy class - CW, the best bitch puppy.


GRAND GENERAL GAUCHO - champion class, excellent , 3-rd