Since the population of welsh corgi pembroke has accelerrated to a great demand more and more people start their own breeding thinking it is simple and profitable. It is a faulty idea. Breeding is a very responsible, time and money consuming activity. We have been breeding pems since 2008 and strive to get healthy pups with a sound temperament accumulating virtues of the sires standing behind in the pedigree and to produce young generation typically similar to Orden keltov type. Every time we have a litter we chose a keeper and try to find loving and caring homes for our pups. Families with a show perspective are very valuable for us but not principal. From time to time we have available pups but they are sold on a waiting list basis.  


We are welcoming corgi-lovers and gladly will answer your questions

Before buying a pup please investigate the supply and fing the right breeder, that one who is reputable, experienced, who will be your mentor in the future


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Puppies : our breeding

Litter H in Orden Keltov Date of litter: 27.01.2015
Litter G in Orden Keltov Date of litter: 04.04.2014
Litter F in Orden Keltov Date of litter: 03.10.2013
Litter E in Orden Keltov Date of litter: 25.09.2013
Litter D in Orden Keltov Date of litter: 06.01.2013
Litter C in Orden Keltov Date of litter: 28.02.2012
B-litter at ORDEN KELTOV kennel of welsh corgis Date of litter: 10.06.2010
A-litter at ORDEN KELTOV kennel Date of litter: 30.11.2009

Litters in other kennels