Orden Keltov Golden Gambit
Date of Birth: 04.04.2014
Breeder: Gavriuk T
Owner: Gavriuk T
Country: Ukraine
City: Dnepropetrovsk


Junior Ch Ukraine 

Ch UA 

Ch Blg

Ch Md 

Crufts Qualification - 2017 

Brothers and Sisters



Saphina Pastoral Symphony
Pemcader Bring on Cyzarine
Ch Twinan custom made
Eng Nz Ch Salvenik Super Chance
Twinan The Stonemaiden
Ch Ukg Super Guy Of Pemland
Twinan the Dragonmaster
Twinan Fortune Cookie
Saphina spring sonata
Twinan the Dragonmaster
Scaras Fair of Face
Uk Ch Pendrell Excalibur
Twinan Devil's Heartbeat
Ir Ch Ermyn Quest For Fame
Scaras Sundancer
Aust Ch Bojojamile bring it on
Ermyn Starlight Flyer
Aust Ch Bojojamile Bitter Sweet
Ch Foxydale Smart Guy
Ermyn Star Perfomer
Aust Ch Fergwyn Robert Peel
Aust Ch Bojojamile Bursh Strokes
Nz ch Dwynella all that jazz
Dwynella Royale Footman
Dwynella Gold Jazz
Ch Nz Ch Salvenik Super Chance
Nz Dwynella Adict'd to Love
Nz Ch Delwyn Silver Sequence
Aust Ch Aberlee Phantasia

Grai id the only male from the repeated mating of Charles and Tilly. He is a little copy of his famous father . He starred his show carreer very succesfully , we don't show him frequently as he finished finished his Ch tytle very quiclkly. He is strong and very outgoing. Smart guy with a fabulous temperament 

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