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Date Rank exhibition Class City, country Expert Result Description
14 мая 2011 CACIB Intermedia Odessa, Ukraine Gennady Severin, Ukraine
13 мая 2011 CACIB Intermedia Odessa, Ukraine Georgiy Schegol, Georgia САС, САCIB, BOB, BOG-II
7 мая 2011 CACIB Intermedia Lvov, Ukraine Guido Vandoni, Italy CAC
Champion of Ukraine
6 мая 2011 CACIB Intermedia Lvov, Ukraine A. Zhuk. Belarus САС, CACIB, BOB, BOG-IV
2 мая 2011 САС juniors Sevastopol', Ukraine N. Ovsyannikova, Russia J.CAC, BJ, BOB
1 мая 2011 САС juniors , Ukraine V. Khizhnyak , Ukraine J.CAC, BJ, BOB, BIG-II
Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine
16 апреля 2011 CACIB Intermedia Kiev, Ukraine Natalia Nekroshene, Lithuania 2nd excellent, Res.CAC
Good bone structure, head of pedigree, correctly planted ears, a bit short back and loin is elongated, preferably a v-shaped chest, good angulations, excellent coat, movement, energetic, tail set on correctly.
14 апреля 2011 CACIB Intermedia Kiev, Ukraine Natalie Sedyh, Russia САС
14 апреля 2011 National Championship of English pastoral Intermedia Kiev, Ukraine Tatiana Shiyan, Ukraine САС
Pedigree, is strong enough, the correct format, rather typical, the head of regular shape, typical expression, compact, strong top, excellent angulation front and hind limb movements free, great show.
4 июня 2023 CACIB juniors Donetzk, Ukraine Shamil Abrakimov, Russia JCAC, Best Junior