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Date Rank exhibition Class City, country Expert Result Description
4 июня 2023 CACIB juniors Odessa, Ukraine Gennady Severin, Ukraine 2 excellent
slightly above average height, good type, condition and size, the teeth - normal, full of good head and expression, pronounced withers, strong top, correct position of the croup, correct chest deep and the correct length, correct Wareh front and rear extremities, angulation , free movement of sufficient force push.
4 июня 2023 CACIB juniors Odessa, Ukraine George Vest, Georgia JСАС, BEST JUNIOR , JUNIOR BOG -2
22 июля 2011 5th specialized exposition - Corgi in Soloviniy Kray juniors Kursk, Russia Tracy Irving, P-to Tvinan, UK 3 excellent
9 сентября 2011 CACIB juniors Simferopol', Ukraine Miklos Levente, Hungary J CAC, Best Junior
10 сентября 2011 CACIB juniors Simferopol', Ukraine Lassie Chistyakov, Estonia J CAC , Best Junior