CAC- Zaporozhie . Judge Yuri Ovots, Ukraine 
Orden Keltov Gorgeous Glamour - JCAC, best junior, 
Orden Keltov Golden Gambit - CAC, open CW 
Orden Keltov Grasping Glory, CAC, intermediate CW , BOS
Twinan Chase the Dream - CAC, intermediate CW, BOS, BOB , BOG - 1 !!!!

many thanks to Yury Ovots for judging ! Congratulations to Basker's co- owners Катерина ПаутоваАлександр Паутов and huge congrats and big huggs to Basker's breeder Tracy Irving !

We are thrilled to announce a new Junior champion of Ukraine : Orden Keltov Gorgeous Glamour 


Basker Group winner :
welsh corgi pembroke Orden Keltov Team with the judge after BOB contest