New Ukrainian and Finn Champions in ORDEN KELTOV kennel

14-15 December in Kiev ( Ukraine) 

ORDEN KELTOV DIZZY ROSE DEVOTION - J.CAC, best junior. Our heartiest congratulations to the owners ! 

PEMCADER BALDER - CAC, RES.CACIB . Umka finished his Champion tyttle in Ukraine. Many thanks and huge congratulations to the breederds :Kevin Dover and Lars Seather

at the same time in Finland 

ORDEN KELTOV CHESTER FLIRT-N-FLASH finished his champion tytle of Finland 

13.12.13 Helsinki Winner 'exp Eerola Tapio: Intermedia class/excellent- 1 res CAC / 3 - in comparison to the best male!
14.12.13 Nordic Winner' exp Ulltveit-Moe Annika: Intermedia class/ excellent-3
15.12.13 Finnish Winner' exp Beenen-Sluijters Anne-Marie: Intermedia class/ excellent-1 CAC, res Cacib, Reserve Bos

Congratulations to Chester's owners Lena and Oktyabrina and beautiful handler, Viktoria Zarayeva!