Marina Volkova: reflection of a breeder after visiting Crufts-2008

This interview with Marina Volkova, Andvol breeder, the president of National Corgi club in Russia was taken after Russian team came back to Moscow from Crufts.


-         What are your impressions about visiting Crufts?

-         Firstly, I am very glad to visit Crufts. I liked many things there. And a lot more of

conclusions I have made. Earlier I have always thought pembrokes of English breeding something unreachable that couldn’t be achieved here in Russia. Now after visiting Crufts I understand that I am not unhopeful. I just know Russian breeding is on a right way. Of course, we will have to do much and  work carefully to obtain qualitative leap in national breeding.

I would like to mate my bitches with some British males. But there are still a lot of obstacles in realizing these ideas connecting with restriction on crossing borders and transportation costs. Especially I admire some dogs from Penliath and Salvenik.

-         What do you think about the dogs exhibited there?

-         In general, I liked the dogs, especially in elder classes. Very correct, nice dogs  with natural foxy heads. Just according to the standard. Heads are absolutely not heavy at all, as it is

considered to be to some Russian  breeders.

What I would stress on is very strong females having wonderful angles very nice hindquarters , nice and free movements and good temperament.

But I was upset with baby and junior classes. When the ban on docking came into life the quantity of puppies reduced. And the quality of puppies  leaves much to be desired. The oldest breeders were represented neither in puppy nor in junior classes.

A good half of puppies had tails , carrying them in a ring high above the back.

Veterans pleased me a lot. Very multiple classes , all dogs in a good condition and great desire to be shown. 10-11 year old dogs didn’t look like a yesterday’s. Veterant on equal terms were competing with younger dogs for the victory, Ermyn Wing And Prayer was one of them.

I disagree with those who state that pems in England are big. All dogs but only one male were just in standard. Yes, they may look strong and heavy thanks to a very strong skeleton.

Females were quite tiny, strong, according to the standard.

-         Marina, why then the dogs made an impression of being big last year?

-         Really, thanks to a strong skeleton and a magnificent coat the dog looks too big in a ring, but come up and touch it in reality it is not. Females are very tender and feminine.

I think the tendency  in Pembroke breeding is coming back to more graceful dogs. In all dog classes the winners were more tiny. Yes, they are strong and bony but not big. And all having

foxy heads, very graceful.

-         And what would you like to change in your way of breeding after Crufts?

-         Not to change , it’s more correct to say that now I know for sure what I want, and what is worth to refuse of. I have seen an ideal Pembroke on Crufts  I would like to get in Andvol. 

-         And how does it a Pembroke of your dream look like?

-         He is strong with a very nice head, wonderful movements , good-angled, nice temperament, long and nice neck. It is a reality. It should not be either an exaggerated type   or simple a working type. There is only one standard and one dog. What I really understand is the fact that it is impossible to get serious results in breeding without crossing Russian borders.

-         What would you say about the types of English breeders?

-         I should admit Salvenik, Penliath, Belroyd, Ermyn are having dogs of one type.


after the web  resource of National Corgi Club of Russia