Interesting facts for keen intellects

Dear Guest, you may guess  if there is some news you don’t know about the dogs so far. But I am almost sure , there is. Do you know that …

-         dogs possess a very expressive mimicry. There are one hundred different looks

emphasized by changing position of agile ears. It’s a pity to say, only Pitbull terriers and bull dogs are deprived of such a plentiful choice of look, limited by just 10 variants of mimics! Poor things, maybe this has become the reason why many other breeds ( corgis are no exception ) don’t understand them mostly resulting in dogs’ fights.

-         When we are yawning humans may mistakenly think we are titer and sleepy, but this

assumption is faulty. Yawning is a sure sign that the dog feels happy and satisfied.

-         If you happen to come across some unknown dog,  keep your smile to yourself as the

dog may think you are baring your canines.  In dogs’ understanding you are aggressive.

-         Corgis are famous for their sound appetite. I should think so! There are 200 million of

smell receptors in our nose that is, 40 times greater  than you, humans have! When you see a pot with a meat stew and lift a lid the only thing you feel is a smell of stewed meat and your mouth waters. Imagine how we feel and almost die of hunger at making out all ingredients separately – meat, carrots, potatoes , onion and seasoning.

-         We also are very keen  on music.  It’s dead certain you even haven’t imagine yourself

that there is an ultrasonic whistle at the end  Beetles’ famous song “Day of Life” that only dogs can identify. This was Paul MacCartney who had recorded this whistle specially for his collie.


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