2007 was a crucial year for our family. Everything was crushing and going to pieces : suddenly our common and peaceful lifestyle got into powerful whirlpool of bright events and reflections and those thing which once were irritating and boring ceased to have any importance to ALL of us.

Who could ever thought that just in a year TWO red and white Pembroke welsh corgis from the same Gaucho kennel will come to live in Ukraine? And could our two red and white long tailed corgis have ever imagined themselves that they will appear at the same Ukrainian house nearly at the same time? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Because it’s a FORTUNE.

That year our corgis were growing and we were gradually becoming wiser. We taught them to a regime and in their turn they taught us to be more patient and understand theur needs and desires. We were happy of Grosh’s award during Corgisiada in Poland and he felt satisfied looking at our happy faces. That year we understood the main thing : corgi in our family is not a hobby - it’s inevitable part of our life- and our corgis made aware of the following fact : they are not pets , they ARE full authority members of our family.